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Payday1 FAQ's 

How long does it normally take to be approved for a payday loan at Payday1
Payday1 is an online payday loan gateway which provide you the you short term loan approval. So it also called as Payday One loan in USA.

With a Payday1how much can I borrow?
You can borrow amount form $100 to $1000 Depending on the borrower at Payday1.

Will I need to fax you the information to Payday1?
No need of faxing any kind of documents at Payday1 because Payday1 provides you the no fax payday loan.

Is it difficult to apply online for payday loans at Payday1?
No Payday1 provided you the online form which so simple and easy. So you can easily fill the application form and get approved of the loan amount with in next working day.

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We are Not a gateway, Donít Make Credit Decisions, Cannot Guarantee Loan Approval, Cannot Guarantee Loan Amount, Donít Charge Application Fee, Donít Charge Application Fee, May be a Credit Check or

It is not a Long-Term Financial and also Rates & Terms Vary by State & gateway